About Us

The inception of Plan B goes back to May 2020 when Chef Rishu was working in Paris and lost his Job due to Covid and had to return back to India. Always been an animal lover Rishu always wanted to switch to a vegetarian diet but couldn’t do because of his profession and job commitment. Plant Based movement was already catching the pace back in 2015. Rishu had already as a chef curating vegan menus and food for the clients in his restaurant when required. He was creating alternative for cheese and meat and other dairy. So he was already exposed to this idea. In 2020 when he lost the job and returned to India, Rishu struggled to find his ends meet without any income.

One day he was randomly surfing through Facebook and saw a post by a lady on a Vegan Group that she has a requirement for vegan cheese platter for a house party. That time no body was making good quality vegan cheeses in Indian Market. Chef Rishu reached out to that woman and took up the task for making a Vegan Cheese plater. He prepared the Vegan cheese platter from cashews at his home and delivered it. The very next day Rishu has 4 more orders for these cheese platters. Everybody loved the cheese made by Chef Rishu in that house party and some of them placed the order for themselves. Rishu’s phone and WhatsApp was filled with praises and compliments for the taste and quality of cheese. Rishu realized one thing that there is a huge vacuum for such products in India. In his words,” This was my calling. I always wanted to turn vegetarian. But due to my profession couldn’t do so. Now was the time that I can work for my own and put everything I learned in something that was meaningful and good for reducing animal cruelty.”
In September 2020 Rishu with his wife Jyoti founded Plan B offering third party manufacturing options to other existing brands in Indian market. After manufacturing products like Cheese, Butter, Paneer and Sauces for others Rishu realized that they should also come out with their own brand to create their own identity.